About us


Bread traditions today

As much as we respect the old traditions, protecting and improving the recipes of Lithuanian bread, we also create new – traditions of quality and good taste. Experience accumulated for decades, only the highest quality ingredients and modern production equipment – that’s what it takes really good bread to be born.

LK-BALTIC-FLAGS-20150209Lietuvos kepėjas – is one of the leading suppliers of fresh and frozen bread and bakery products in Lithuania. Our factory in Kaunas was built in 1991. It had several stages of major changes since then. After the last modernization in early 2014 it is probably the most modern factory in Baltic states, capable to produce up to 100 tons of baked goods a day.

In English, our name means “Baker of Lithuania”. It obliges us, and the bread for us means much more than just a product. The company dedicates a significant part of its income to charity and education, and with partners from other Baltic States Latvijas Maiznieks (“Baker of Latvia”) and Eesti Pagar (“Baker of Estonia”) participates in the project, which aims to preserve and enhance the national heritage of bread. It is vividly named “Baltic way of bread”.

Product range

Lietuvos kepėjas – so far the only manufacturer in Lithuania supplying both fresh and frozen bread and bakery products. Today we offer fresh black bread, light bread, toasting bread, white bread, buns, rolls, croissants, cakes and biscuits along with frozen dough and semi-finished pastries. More about our products …